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What's the best price for safety reflective clothing?

Someone ask, what is the price of reflective clothes to suit you, quality, price, safety, life ,which is the most important?

On the afternoon of May 19, at 2:47 PM, the garden worker , a gardener, was killed by a truck in a truck on the roadside of a village near kapok.

A woman dressed in a reflective vest cut grass on the roadside, guo mou, was knocked down by a minivan and injured her.

The ambulance attendant was on the scene and was hospitalized with a coma, and the death was confirmed at 3:57.

In the news, there are different kinds of safety clothing: reflective vest, reflective raincoat, reflective shirt, reflective cotton clothes, special working reflective clothing, etc.

They are usually made of basal materials and reflective materials. The main function is to add a layer of warning protection to meet the normal needs of clothing and outdoor use.

High quality reflective clothing, usually can reach the reflective distance of two or three hundred meters, and support many times to wash;But  poor quality reflective clothing, reflective distance may be under 50 meters, some of the inferior even have no longer reflect.if washing one time

During daytime, the fluorescent color base material of the reflective clothing will appear particularly eye-catching. During the night, the reflective material will reflect the strong light in the case of the headlights, which will give a good warning to passing vehicles and pedestrians.

High quality reflective clothing is superior to the warning effect of day and night.

Of course, prices of good reflective clothing are naturally higher. Safety clothing at different price ranges makes a difference between reflective distance and wash frequency.