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Type of safety protective clothing

Generally speaking, protective clothing is divided into general protective clothing and special protective clothing.Just some specific words: protective clothing can also can be divided into cold protective clothing, mechanical protective clothing, radiation proof clothes, prevent toxic substances and microbial protective clothing/bacteria and harmful chemical protective clothing, overheating protective clothing and protective clothing.

The first category, general protective clothing, in fact is similar to the concept of work clothes, just some added the necessary protection function on the clothes, such as sanitation reflective vests,reflective jackets, traffic reflective raincoats, material mostly face cloth or chemical fiber fabric production, is on the basis of the original clothing added some reflective article, reflective tape, make it in as well as the tooling add some warning protection.This type of protective clothing is used in sanitation, traffic, logistics, road, construction, outdoor sports and other industries.

The second category, special protective clothing, this kind of the kinds of protective clothing is relatively wide, in addition to the necessary basic protection, with different groups in different professional increased the peculiar protectio, can make it in a relatively dangerous work environment to avoid injuries and the corresponding protection effect.Here are some of the common costumes for the special protective suits:

Antistatic clothing, containing conductive fiber or external conductive coating, usually with anti-static wool knitted clothing, antistatic shoes and socks, etc.;

General dust and dust clean clothing, can prevent electrostatic, multi-purpose in mining, building materials, medical, aerospace, electronics, military and other possible electric shock, fire caused by the electrostatic accumulation of industry and the workplace;

Medical protective clothing, which can block the blood, body fluids, etc., which contain microorganisms, bacteria, etc., as its name implies, mainly used in the medical industry;

Welding protective clothing, main function is flame retardant, anti-melt metal drop impact。

X ray protective clothing, made of lead rubber, plastic and other composite materials, can be protection the human body from the harm of X ray, likewise, are mainly used in medical and other places of existence of X ray harm.