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Reflective protective overalls for outdoor work

With the development of social production, human nature thought is more and more widely spread, the personal safety of outdoor workers are increasingly brought to the attention of the enterprises and individuals, various protective products but also emerge in endlessly.Among them, outdoor protective clothing is a kind of new product that has arisen in recent years.As for the definition of outdoor reflective protective overalls, negoo brand reflective overalls have summarized it as follows:

1. Warning clothing and clothing that can prevent or mitigate injury or occupational hazards;

2. Can improve the working environment, regulate the human body and the external environment, create a good atmosphere of work and the warning clothing and clothing of the state of mind;

3. Can display the corporate culture and corporate image warning clothing and clothing

National standards and labor standards of China, the basic requirements for outdoor reflective protective clothing are as follows:

Make a reflective material must be through special craft processing, when the light effect, should be able to within 800 metres can eye-catching was found, the reference standard is now in the world use EN471.The standard also sets the corresponding grading standard for the reflective area of the reflective clothing, which is used to ensure the safe distance of the wearer in the outdoor area.

A reflective fabric on the reflective tape (fluorescent) general now is 3 m reflective tape brand, its distance from reflective at night under the illuminate of lamplight, reached more than 330 m of the reflective distance, allow the wearer to farther was found within a safe distance from the first time.For different types of outdoor work, the reflective area of the reflector also has corresponding level standard requirements. The normal requirement is 5cm wide and the distance between two anti-bands is not less than 5cm.

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