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knowledge of high visibility clothing


What is a reflective coat?

Reflective clothes is a personal protective device what used for warning at night or in bad weather .it use reflective  material such as  reflective tape, lattice belt, reflective coatings printed them on clothes 


The role of reflective clothing

Suitable for road workers, highways department of transportation, road controllers, cleaners, municipal workers, such as use, also suitable for traveling, cycling, night running, its high reflective warning effect, can very good protection in personnel safety.


In the people's safety consciousness and reflective vest today, more and more popular, we should not only is a reflective vest, but to a high quality, high effect, cost-effective high quality reflective vest.Let the reflective vest no longer be a form, a burden, but a real life-saving weapon.

The classification of the reflective clothing

According to the type of wearer: fashion reflective clothing and professional protective reflective clothing.    

According to the style of the high visibility clothing, it is divided into: reflective vest, reflective T-shirt (POLO), reflective coat, reflective pants, reflective raincoat, reflective anti-winter clothing, etc.

According to the purpose of the reflective clothing can be divided into: the reflective raincoats, sanitation workers reflective clothing, reflective cycling jerseys glance, reflective school uniforms, casual wear, the reflective clothing, outdoor sportswear, reflective labor insurance clothing, reflective overalls, special industry body 

PS: nowadays, some professional reflective clothing is more fashionable, which can be used as both work and fashion clothes.

So how to maintain and wash reflective clothes?

1. Detergent options: remember that do not use alkaline cleaning products such as washing powder soap, it is best to use neutral detergent. If it doesn't judge solution properties, can use bath or shampoo instead of (these are generally neutral).

How should the reflective clothing be washed


2. Washing method: put the neutral detergent soluble in cold water, immerse dry reflective clothing in 20 to 30 minutes, and then with handle gently knead, heavier neckline cuffs besmirch place can use collar first net solution, such as pretreatment, can use soft brush brush after soaking.After washing, do not use the dryer dehydration, hang in the shade and dry.

3. You can use cold water to wash and dry, so that you can't wring dry or dry.