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Do the high visibility clothing belong to labour protection products?

Reflective safety products includes safety vests, high visibility jackets,safety workwear,reflective raincoats, reflective cotton-padded clothes, reflective shirts, etc usually., do they belong to the labor protection products?

First of all, we need to know what the labor protection products  are.

Generally, labor protection products are classified into special labor protection articles and general labor protection products.

General labor protection products mainly include:

1. Head protection class: helmet, anti-dust earplugs, etc.

2. Respirators: dust respirators, filter respirators, self-contained air breathing apparatus, long tube masks, etc.

3. Eye (surface) protective product: welding eye protection with anti-impact eye protector, etc.;

4. Protective clothing: reflective protective clothing, flame retardant protective clothing, acid work clothes, anti-static work clothes, etc.

5. Protective footwear: protect the toes safety shoes, anti-static shoes, conductive shoes, safety boots, rubber surface down puncture proof footwear, electric insulation, acid and alkali resistance, acid and alkali resistant leather shoes shoe boots, rubber boots, acid and alkali resistant plastic moulding, etc.;

6. Anti-fall protector class: seat belt safety net, safety net, etc.

7. General labor insurance supplies, cotton gloves, canvas gloves, towel, cotton yarn, cloth for wiping, masks, dust cap, ordinary work clothes, ordinary labor insurance shoes, ear plugs, socks, wading boots, raincoat, adhesive tape, etc.

Special labor protection articles directory determined and publicized by the state administration of production safety supervision and management, will not use to the general industry, such as fire clothing, etc., so it doesn't do in this explanation.

To sum up, the reflective clothing such as reflective waistcoat belongs to general labor protection supplies.