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How to clean the safety vest

Custom safety vest  is our common outdoor safety clothing ,common including orange safety vest and yellow safety vest.Whether our city sanitation workers ,or the traffic worker .High visibility vests are essential  hi vis workwear during working . At the same time ,it is also for other outdoor workers because of its reflective warning function .

People asked that how to clean the safety vests ?

Actually ,no matter how much you pay attention to maintenance ,the effective of reflective vest is a certain time limit .Once the effective period is over ,the vests will be not reflective and safety warming .So you must be replaced a new one at this point .

We suggested replacement time is within half a year .and 3 months in summer  ,because the strong light and high temperature in summer .
Safety vests washing & storage is important ,it cannot be washing by machine,or washed with other clothes at the same time .We should soak in warm water .Reflective tape should avoid its gravity scrub not in the sun insolate, avoid excessive reflective tape when stored in folding, so can extend the use of reflective vest.