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25 unwritten traffic rules to eliminate catastrophe

1.Driving only to arrive, a minute to start, or a minute to arrive, really innocuous!!

2.Your speed will come down in a few years.

3.More than someone else’s car doesn’t mean you’re more technically superior.

4.The first one goes out of the green light doesn’t mean you can’t line up at the next intersection.

5.Drag racing and fast running do not mean daring.

6.In the case of congestion, the line should not be pointed at the back.

7.Control of speed is the best way to get rid of danger. It is not a pursuit to constantly refresh your speed record.

8.Safe driving time is one of the best things you can be proud of and show-off.

9.Try to get to know your car, know what a car can’t do, and if you make it difficult, it won’t work for you.

10.Use your horn and headlights as little as possible.

11.When parking in the parking space, the front of the car can be directly out of the direction, astern also fine.

12.Stop the car and get in the way. The car will be scratched.

13.Never think you can “fix” your car with a brake.

14.If you can, bring a hitchhiker.

15.Don’t fill the tank with a long distance.

16.Keep the inside and outside of your car clean and ventilated as you do at home, and don’t let the difference between the inside and outside of the car be too large.

17.The surface of the water is slow, and it’s not good for you to spill mud and water.

18.I have a failure to find a car, even if I can’t get my hands on it.

19.The elderly children and the people who are inconvenienced by the action, sign them to pass, to smile.

20.Be prepared to have a spare tire.

21.Looking back, you can blind a few dozen meters in a second.

22.The music in the car itself is heard, and most of the people who go to the car are pointed at it, but you can’t hear it.

23.Take your bag off when you get off, someone will smash your car glass for a bag that doesn’t fit.

24.There’s an interesting book in the car. It’s better than swearing when you’re stuck in traffic.

25.Wear your seat belt to become a habit.

Guangxi Batman Import&Export Co.,Ltd hope you will follow the traffic rules and have a good trip!