Factory Display
Factory Display
GX Batman is a leading manufacturer and trading of safety clothing for people all over the world, which is specializing on safety garments productions for more than 5 years.
Products adhibition
Products adhibition
The high visibility reflective garments of GX Batman for municipalities, industry, public safety, construction, outdoor sport, the burgeoning healthcare field, and so on.
OEM Services
Excellent development and design team, you could get a sample within a day.
Supply from stock
Perennial spot supply a variety of products.
Delivery fast
Special customized products can delivered with a day.
After-sale assurance
More than one year warranty, unprincipled exchange if any quality problem.
Quality is the first factor
Strictly implement the multinational reflective clothing standard: to strictly enforce many countries, such as: the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, China and many other countries of reflective clothing production standards.
Guangxi Batman Import & Export Co., Ltd
GX Batman Import & Export Co., Ltd is a comprehensive manufacturing and trading company of safety reflective clothing and other labor protection products who you can trust. We had 5 years specializing in high quality safety clothing: safety vests, T-shirts, rainwear,Hi-vis pants, fleece jackets, caps and other reflective clothing! Our mission is to create and manufacture advanced protective clothing that saves lives and protects workers both in private and public employment from fire, hazardous chemicals and diseases throughout the world.
What is the principle of reflective material?
Reflective material embeded in the production main parts of clothes or vest and is used for personal safety equipment at night or adverse weather conditions,are widely used to protect the day outdoor life safety of the staff. The reflective material is closely related to a wide application in the safety of life and property safety equipment,uniforms,work clothes,film,protective clothing and the high-tech products.The use of reflective clothes made of the high visibility reflective material,whether the wearer is in the distant place, or in a situation or scattering light interference, can easily be found driving at night.
What is the use of reflective clothing?
Reflective clothing is the use of high reflective index glass beads reflective principle,made by advanced technology after focusing processing. It will be the direct light in the distance reflective light, on matter in good cunter reflection potical quality by day or night there. Especially at night, can play the same day as high visibility. This made use of high visibility reflective material. whether the wearer is in the distant place, or in a situation or scattering light interference, can easily be found driving at night.